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Glengormley School of Traditional Music has a pupil population of approximately 200 pupils each term. The school provides tuition in a variety of musical instruments to a diverse range of ages and abilities.

The school's aim is to ensure that pupils receive tuition that not only matches but challenges their musical ability.

We provide our pupils with the opportunity to learn traditional music in a structured, relaxed, fun and encouraging environment.

We have tuition in the following instruments;

Fiddle, Flute, Tin Whistle, Harp, Bodhran, Guitar (dadgad and standard tuning), Tenor Banjo/Mandolin, Button Accordian, Concertina, Uilleann Pipes and Ballad singing.


All our pupils are given the opportunity to play in a group setting on a Thursday evening between classes and in a more formal Grupa Ceols on a weekly basis. Our younger pupils are encouraged to take part in our internal Step exams.

All pupils are encouraged to enter the London School of Music Examinations to receive graded and Diploma music qualifications.  Appropriate support will be provided.

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