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Tenor Banjo & Mandolin Class

A kind welcome to our class

James Carson

Intermediate class

Greencastle Hornpipe TAB.JPG
The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue.png
The Quarelsome Piper.jpg
seamus cussons .png
Chritsmas Eve Reel.JPG
Glenties Mazurka.JPG
Lark in the Morning.png
I Ne'er Shall Wean Her-TAB.jpg
Golden Stud.JPG
The Cup of Tea-TAB.jpg
Man of the House.JPG
Dancing Eyes-TAB.jpg
Farewell to Milltown-TAB.JPG
The Orphan-TAB.JPG
The Milkmaid Reel.JPG
Jenny's Wedding.jpg
Pay The Reckoning-Jig-TAB.jpg
Pay The Reckoning-JigArtist Name
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