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Traditional Music Youth Orchestra

We will be holding a 10-week long, weekly workshop as a development project for a Traditional Music Youth Orchestra which will be facilitated by our Harp teacher, Grainne Meyer, and held in Edmund Rice College, Hightown Road on Monday nights starting 3 October 2022.

The Trad Orchestra is open to young musicians who are over 10 years of age and have at least 3 years experience of playing their instrument and/or have Grade 3 in their instrument.

To allow for a proper balance of instruments in the orchestra, spaces for certain instruments will be limited.

We would encourage all GSOTM pupils to consider taking part in this project.

Membership of the orchestra is not limited to GSOTM pupils and we will be inviting pupils from all the Secondary level schools in North Belfast to join the orchestra.

However, any young musician interested who is not a member of GSOTM must submit a request for membership outlining their details (age, instrument and ability) to:

Grainne Meyer will be available at our GSOTM Open Day on 11 September 2022, from 2pm - 4pm, to provide information and discuss participation in the orchestra with anyone interested.

Our GSOTM Chairperson, Ray Morgan, can also be contacted on Thursday nights at our GSOTM weekly classes from the 15 September 2022.

Registration will be via GSOTM's Klubfunder in our general payments section and the cost is £25.

The cut-off point for registration is 23 September 2022 to allow Grainne the time to know what instruments will be involved and prepare the music.

Anyone taking part must be registered before the 3 October 2022.

This is a fantastic opportunity to take part in an exciting new GSOTM project allowing participants to play as part of a large group of young musicians of all ages, and to learn and develop new skills.

Benefits of taking part in this project:

  • improve your musicianship

  • learn to collaborate with other musicians

  • learn to follow a conductor

  • learn challenging repotoire in an encouraging environment

  • improve your concentration and focus

  • perform in a large-scale ensemble with a variety of instruments

  • make new friends!

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