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Schools' Christmas Showcase!

11 & 12 December, 10am and 2.30pm.

Given the success of the Schools' Performance event which took place in June 2023, and the very positive feedback from those schools who did take part, Glengormley School of Traditional Music are delighted to announce firstly, that the event will be taking place again on 4, 6 and 7 June 2024, and that secondly, we are providing a further opportunity this Christmas, on the 11 and 12 December 2023, for traditional music groups/ensembles from Primary Schools in the Greater Belfast area to perform live on stage at 2 Royal Avenue, the arts space in Belfast City centre.

As it is Christmas, we expect that groups will want to play Christmas tunes. We would encourage and welcome this, however if possible we would ask that Irish Christmas Carols be played and/or at least some of the tunes groups play should be traditional tunes.

There is no minimum or maximum limit to numbers in a group. Every school will be welcome even if only one or two pupils participate. We want to make the event as inclusive as possible and, while we hope that schools will make an effort to play traditional tunes and sing songs of an irish genre, if schools wish to include playing one or two tunes/sing christmas songs such as Jingle Bells that is fine.

Each group will then be given the opportunity to join with groups from two other schools to play some tunes together, in a seisuín setting, for approx 15 mins. This will require schools to remain behind for at most 45 mins after their own performance to join the other schools in playing. We would ask that all schools try to learn two tunes in particular: the Belfast Carol and Silent Night, to allow the three groups to play these two tunes as one big group.

Registration is by simply emailing: with the name of your school and a contact person.

While we don’t imagine that we will be oversubscribed with entries, to guarantee a spot we recommend that you register as soon as possible.

We will ask that you contact us 3 weeks before the event, 20 November 2023, advising us of the numbers involved in your group and the length of your performance.

Each group will then be given a time slot on one of the days. Some of these time slots may be over lunchtime and may require children to bring a packed lunch.

Please feel free to contact Ray Morgan, directly by email at: if you require any further information.

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