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Term 2 of 2023/34 starts on Thursday 8 February 2024.


Enrollment for classes is open on our Klubfunder page.

Simply visit our Klubfunder page, select Member Registration (if not already on that section), and then click to select 1st Instrument. 

You can add additional classes/siblings/family by selecting the 2nd Instrument and/or 3rd Instrument.

Then follow the onscreen instructions to process your payment and supply contact and registration details.

New pupils must contact us before registering.


The first classes start at 7.30pm on Thursday 8 February 2024 so please be early if you need to check details, or if it is your first night and are not sure where to go.


The 8.30pm students are also advised to be early (if possible) to aid us in ensuring pupils are in the correct level of class.


We have fixed our class costs as per 2021/22 and 22/23.


Classes for Term 2 cost:

  • £45 for first instrument (or pupil)

  • £40 for second instrument (or sibling)

  • £35 for a third instrument (or sibling)

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