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Still Term 1 at GSOTM

With classes having started back last week, Thursday 12 January 2023, after the Christmas break, it is great to see everyone back at the school.

We have a couple weeks left until the end of Term 1 - and then Term 2 will begin on 2 February 2023... so we will have details of Term 2 registration online both here and on our social media channels.

We have had a significant number of enquiries over Christmas from those interested in starting with GSOTM for Term 2. Unfortunately we can't accommodate absolute beginners in Term 2 as they would be 15 weeks behind the rest of their class.

For students who do have experience, we will coordinate with the instrumental teachers to see if they can accept any additional pupils to their class first.

If you, or your child, have already been playing for a few years then please email us at:

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